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It Will Grow Our Economy and Jobs!

"It's difficult to build the economy upsidedown - we have to start at the base, making minimum wage tax free
for all workers builds the economy from the bottom up."- Arthur Rich
Government Building"If North Carolina can be the First state to put a plane into flight, we can be the First to Make Minimum Wage Tax Free."
- Arthur Rich

Arthur Rich's Bold New Proposal

The Declaration of Independence guarantees "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness". As you can see, happiness itself is not guaranteed. Our primary problem in modern America is that there's not very much happiness to pursue. In North Carolina's 1st District, as well as state and nationwide, my job development program will result in increased jobs from manual labor through the high tech industry. My proposal is to make minimum wage earnings tax-free up to whatever the minimum wage rate becomes.

A New Way to Look at Taxes

There are many proposals to raise the minimum wage nationally anywhere from $10.10 to $15.00 an hour. While the intention behind this idea is good, the results of the increase may serve to not only hurt business, it might also harm minimum-wage workers. We need to help the poor. Making Minimum Wage Tax Free helps lower wage earners as well as every worker in America.
My tax policy proposal shifts the burden of providing a living wage from businesses to the American tax code, increasing revenue and disposable income while protecting both employers and employees. Under my "tax-free minimum wage" policy, each employee/individual working would be allowed to earn $15,080 annually completely "tax free". A married couple could earn up to $30,160 tax free while keeping their exemptions. This would help absorb some of the inflation we encounter throughout the year. It also gives everyone a boost financially in all brackets of income.


Work for Everyone Who Wants It

A key way to alleviate poverty in America is to provide work to everyone who is willing. We should avoid policy that puts jobs at risk and instead focus on solutions that promote and protect America's lowest earners. Every day we're seeing inventions and innovations that have the potential to improve all of our lives. It's critical that we ensure that minimum-wage workers are given the opportunity to participate economically in the new technological paradigm of the 21st century.

Real Minimum Wage Chart

How Old Are Minimum Wage Earners


Minimum Wage Breakdown

Minimum Wage Break Down 2017 April 30

Minimum Wage Breakdown

Join me in advocating for sensible tax reform.
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